Sunrise -1


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Sunset -1


I like taking pictures of sunset

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Merry Christmas!

I’ve been kinda busy with my studies, but now I’m going to start publishing again. I just want to say Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013

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Awesome guitarist

Hope you guys like this video.

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Los números de 2011

Los duendes de las estadísticas de prepararon un informe sobre el año 2011 de este blog.

Aquí hay un extracto:

Un tren subterráneo de la ciudad de Nueva York transporta 1.200 personas. Este blog fue visto alrededor de 4.300 veces en 2011. Si fuera un tren de NY, le tomaría cerca de 4 viajes transportar tantas personas.

Haz click para ver el reporte completo.

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When the world is going to be smart?

 Sometimes i think that the world can be more intelligent than monkeys, but I think that I was wrong, because this world is getting worse. I think that nobody sees what will happen in the future if we continue this way. Why do we live in a place like this?

All the words that a President say is a lie. You know what I´m going to tell? Think about what you do, later do it, but do it right. Do it right, because you´re making a favor to our world.

Thanks to everyone who read this message, remember to do something right for this world.

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why do the aliens get more memory than us?

I’m always thinking why do the aliens get more and more memory than we have.
i don’t understand it. I think it’s because the humans are not so smart as they are. But, there is an opportunity to be smarter than they.
There are many opportunities if the humans try it, i suppose they don’t want to do that, they want to be with their computer, watch TV and more…

This is one

That’s us

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